Thomas Wimprine

Personal Objective

Work in a technically challenging environment to implement and maintain the best solutions for the organization while creating opportunities for personal growth for myself and my team. Have the ability to leverage all available skills in leadership and technology to deliver best possible outcomes for all involved parties.

Xavier University of Louisiana

Sr. Systems Administrator

January 2016 - Current

  • Organized and managed VMware project to upgrade to VMware Cloud Foundation Suite.
  • Migrated all systems from end of life cluster to new VCF cluster(s) with minimal downtime, while dealing with infrastructure's limitations - Migration Script
  • Leverage all applicable VMware technologies to solve infrastructure problems, including:
    • vSAN
    • NSX Firewalls & Routing (OSPF)
    • PowerCLI Scripting
    • vRealize LogInsight Manager for logging and reporting
  • Managed university's multi-domain Active Directory infrastructure
  • Develop automation scripts to reduce redundant work and standardize processes.
  • Create and implement technological organizational best practices for the computing environment.
  • Work with the security department to develop policies for the university and department.
  • Implemented, managed and maintained Chef for server configuration management
  • Developed Chef Cookbooks for system configuration and change implementation and/or rollback
  • VMWorld speaker regarding VMware's Virtual Cloud Foundation suite of products and reduction of technical debt
  • Worked with VMware for development of video testimonials, reports and participate in Customer Advisory Boards
  • Developed and managed project for implementation of ServiceNow ITSM with primary vendor
  • Implement, manage, maintain & upgrade the Virtual Desktop infrastructure using VMware's Horizon product suite
  • Assist in management of university's GSuite when needed
  • Manage university's backup infrastructure utilizing Veeam product suite and TruNAS for storage and replication.

Serion Technology


September 2014 - December 2016

  • Formed and managed relationships with strategic vendors in regards to company direction, leadership, and customer services.
  • Consult with clients on a regular basis regarding concerns in technology infrastructure, news, budget and planning.
  • Implement basic security for all managed services customers and protect all customer data in regards to data loss, data leakage, and disaster recovery.
  • Create e-commerce web hosting environment for client and associated cloud data center to allow for quick growth regarding seasonal workers and web traffic load. Allows for automatic and rapid expansion or contraction of the environment based on demand.
  • Migrated customers' workstations, servers and firewalls to Amazon cloud to improve compliance, security, availability and performance.
  • Implement client virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) when needed to improve compliance stance regarding HIPAA, GLBA and CJIS rules.
  • Designed, sold, planned customer projects and appropriately managed customer expectations regarding projects.
  • Migrated customer email to Office 365 from various platforms and implemented data loss prevention rules for automatic email encryption for compliance reasons.
  • Work with clients to ensure compliance with the HIPAA 164 security rule, sold and implemented required technologies such as disk and file encryption, email archiving, device lockdown, security software, firewall rules, web and email filtering.
  • Developed and executed project plans for customers regarding implementation of new or required technology and processes.

CMA Technology

Director of Managed Services

August 2012 - August 2014

  • Conducted in-depth discovery of existing managed services team processes, workflows and personnel upon assuming responsibilities from former director. Run team as stand-alone profit center.
  • Scoped, developed and managed all projects, and supported sales when needed.
  • Increased profitability per customer by 57% by implementing professional best practices, proper assignment and ticket escalation procedures.
  • Reviewed existing business and studied profit and loss structure of helpdesk; divided helpdesk into functional areas and created KPI for each field.
  • Created new departments within managed services and assigned people according to skill, growth desire and potential. Managed each member to individual and group goals and metrics.
  • Implemented training plans for existing employees; developed individual growth plans, both technical and supervisory.
  • Developed and managed customer project plans

AIX / pSeries Administrator

September 2011 - August 2012

  • Designed and configured customer Power Systems for AIX and Linux workloads.
  • Tuned system performance for specific workloads including but not limited to Oracle databases and applications, Epic for healthcare systems and Spillman applications for police departments and first responders.
  • Designed, implemented and tested backup and disaster recovery solutions for planned or existing systems as it related to AIX, Linux and Oracle workloads.
  • Worked with storage teams to optimize storage utilization and performance for systems.
  • Collaborated with business owners and stakeholders to accurately define projects and scope; manage multiple implementation teams.
  • Conduct pre-sales technical review for customers and interface with sales and technical teams to develop appropriate solutions for the customer.
  • Work with various customers including universities and state agencies to implement and support AIX, Oracle and Linux workloads on Power Systems.

KnightPoint Systems

Sr. Systems Administrator

March 2011 - September 2011

  • Assisted in the migration of government agencies’ systems from one datacenter to another while implementing datacenter policies and resolving conflicts among policies or agencies.
  • Worked on various pSeries servers including 795, 770, and 740 from design and implementation to customer hand-off and acceptance.
  • Installed and configured VIO servers for Ethernet and FibreChannel high availability.
  • Installed and configured redundant HMCs for systems, including replicating data among them while maintaining separation of environments for application security requirements.
  • Configured redundant NIM servers and used them to maintain, patch, and install systems.

Stewart Enterprises, Inc.

Systems Administrator

July 1999 - March 2011

  • Developed and executed project to address group policy issues while simplifying the Active Directory management and structure.
  • Designed network policies regarding user and computer accounts, including group memberships across the network, and created PowerShell scripts to maintain such policies.
  • Designed, implemented and managed a multi-site Microsoft Data Protection Manager (DPM) environment to protect Active Directory, SQL, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and multiple fileservers which includes offsite replication of backup data, reduction of the backup windows and successful disaster recovery.
  • Developed Company’s storage strategy for new and existing datacenters to solve performance, availability and flexibility problems while implementing best practices from Microsoft, IBM and HP for Exchange, SQL and Oracle environments.
  • Developed, executed, and maintained virtualization plans including migrations using multiple technologies from VMware, Microsoft, and IBM.
  • Assessed and projected server, network and storage growth and developed appropriate budgets and plans to maintain resources available.
  • Evaluated and presented technology proposals to Senior Management related to network, upgrades, equipment and software procurement.
  • Installed and configured SQL 2005/2008, HyperV and Exchange 2003 multi-node clusters to provide application availability for approximately 5,000 users.
  • Installed, configured and maintained RedHat AS and AIX 5.3/6.1 servers for Oracle database and applications.
  • Designed and configured 46,000sf of office space and temporary network for approximately 250 displaced employees due to hurricane Katrina. Evaluated, troubleshot and repaired Compaq/HP and IBM servers and tape libraries.
  • Maintained configuration, specification, procedures and other technical documentation for network team and regulatory compliance.
  • Wrote policies and procedures related to SOX compliance including security policies, change management and operational tasks.
  • Maintained accurate documentation for environment including vendors, network, hardware, operating system and software configurations.


Civil Air Patrol

Information Officer - First Lieutenant

2007 - 2012

  • Develop website and apps for forms and communication
  • Created squadron IT infrastructure
  • Attended multiple training seminars and scenarios regarding human physiology, flight & Critical First Aid
  • Completed all required FEMA NIMS courses - leveraged information learned during storm responses

FRC Robotics Mentor - Archibishop Rummel High School

2014 - 2017

  • Teach and mentor high school students in the following skills:
    • Competitive Conduct
    • Java Programming
    • Mechanics (Robot building)
    • Basic electronics

Amateur Radio Operator

KB5LBV - Earned license in 1988

  • Worked with disaster response during multiple storms including interfacing with first responders, state police and individuals seeking or offering assistance.

Random Skills

Amazon Web Services

EC2 - S3 - Lambda - API Gateway - VPC - IAM - RDS - DynamoDB - Simple Notification Service (SNS) - Simple Email Service - LightSail

Programming & Scripting

PowerShell - Bash - Python - C# - Perl - JavaScript/Node.js - Ruby