About me

You may be wondering about me and why you should be paying attention to anything
I write. I would argue that you probably shouldn’t but I do have a perspective
brought about by my own musings that may be different than your own. Sometimes
a different perspective is invaluable even if you disagree with the conclusions.

I am first and foremost a father of some great kids, not all of which carry my
genetic material but that does not change how I feel about them and how they have
grown to be the amazing people they are.

Second, I have come to the conclusions I am a reluctant athlete. I do not function
well if I have’t had some torturous workout, run, bike, swim, etc. I will cover
more about this in a blog post later.

I am a geek that happens to currently work in IT for a HBCU in the New Orleans
area. I love doing integration projects, build outs, and generally making things
work. At home I have multiple IoT projects and various programming projects in
multiple stages of completion. I’m sure I’ll blog about them too. ;)