Starting to train...

There is a lot that I would like the physically accomplish and am involved in. I used to love running before an ankle injury and surgery messed me up about ten years ago. I’ve never really been into biking but have wanted to get into it. Swimming I do when I need to do some diving or something related to it. I really enjoy Krav Maga when my bones decide to stay together plus I will be adding jiujitsu to the mix as soon as possible.

This probably seems like a whole lot, especially when you consider I need to be a father and maintain a full time job, but I have learned that I need to be physically exhausted in order to function at anywhere close to capability. That is mentally, physically, emotionally or however else you would like to cut it up. If I’m not doing something that will force me to pass out cold when I hit the pillow I will have a less than optimal tomorrow.

Just like anything it’s important to identify and mitigate the potential risks and that goes for this level of physical activity for sure. I’m in my forties and not exactly in the best shape of my life so there are a few rather significant risks to be dealt with. I’m not a fitness expert but I know one of the easiest things for me to do is overtrain. I have a very bad habit of pushing myself to the point where my body crashes, hard. I’m hoping to avoid this by using online fitness sites and trackers, including my Apple Watch & Garmin 920XT.

I’ll explain my entire strategy in a follow up post along with timelines and costs.

Wish me luck :)