Rough New Start

Status Update

Well it appears that the last post I made here was at the end of 2016 so almost three years ago. As you can tell from that last post it’s been a rough journey and I would like to say it’s been easier and everything is on track.

-It’s not-

As you might expect, I have had a bunch of things happen between now and then. I would say that things are looking up but it’s still a daily struggle against depression. It only takes one thing to knock me off and it’s a few days of “recovery” until I can get back on track. I look at other people and wonder if they have the same struggles, and it appears that on the outside everyone else is doing just fine. Oh the Joys…

That said, I’m engaged and am looking forward to that. She is an amazing woman and I wonder why she puts up with my BS but I’m glad she does. My daughter is enlisting in the Air Force and I’m exceptionally proud of her. Not just for enlisting but for the work she needed to do to get there.


Computer Stuffs

I have a few of them actually. In the world of the interwebs I am looking to consolidate my blogs and postings to a single platform. It’s probably going to take me a few weeks of work but it will be totally worth it for me.


I’m looking to start back with my running and I need to get back on track with my diet. I have a gut that I’m exceptionally not proud of and it needs to go someplace else. I will add biking and swimming as appropriate and run a few races this year. I’m sure as we find out about them we will do a few bike races too. Who knows in a few years we may be talking ultras and IronMan(s)…