Another Rename and Refocus

I look at the statistics for this blog and it’s pretty bad but I do hope there are a few people that have gotten some value from the content I’ve posted over the years. I try to post things that I find interesting, I’ve had to figure out more than once or had a really difficult time solving. Over the last few years I’ve changed who signs my paycheck more than once and it’s always been a good move bringing me to a more challenging or interesting environment and each with lessons to be learned. Some of those lessons have been in business, communication, technical applications and even public speaking. It’s been an interesting few years to say the least.

The last two years I’ve been working at a HBCU in New Orleans implementing the VMware stack of what seems like everything. That’s brought me into implementing ServiceNow to codify our processes. Now we are trying to tie all this together and deploy systems and software anywhere in our environment programmatically when initiated from a service ticket. So now we are leveraging Chef for managing all the configurations of our systems and Terraform to deploy.

This is going to start getting interesting and DevOps is a completely new area of being a SysAdmin for me. I’m going to try and keep this updated as best I can and share my learning. I hope it’s bennificial and somewhat entertaining.