Another Update & Rename… kinda…

I’ve moved again and am now in Higher Education. Recap the last many years would be:
  • Death Care Provider
  • Federal Government (DHS)
  • IBM Partner / Contractor
  • Own Business
  • High Education
    Not a horrible career trajectory. There are a few things I’ve noticed in the industry recently and am hoping to write a few articles about them soon. Currently at the university that currently sends me money on a regular basis we have no configuration or standards management. Literally everything we do is ad-hoc and non-repeatable. We are currently implementing new processes, standards and security. A lot of this will be completed using Chef and related components. We are implementing a new internal cloud infrastructure and looking to be as responsive to our internal customers as the public cloud providers (actually we would like to be better, just sayin’).

I have never had the inclination to learn Git, Ruby, JavaScript or Python however, they are all required skills I will need to acquire in the next few months while we transition to a more DevOps culture here. I’m looking to start posting additional code on GitHub and will be linking it here.

Should be exciting!