Slight Depression

People think they understand what depression is and how it affects you. People think you can just “be happier”, “put it together” and “everything will be ok”. People believe that because you seem functional and say you’re ok you are fine, just having a bad whatever it is they tell themselves. Here’s a simple list of what depression is:

  • Depression is being surrounded by true friends and wondering why they give a shit
  • Depression is having kids and wondering if you are more of a burden than a role model
  • Depression is waking up and wondering how you’re going to last the day without tears or panic attack
  • Depression is scoring a major deal/job and having everyone else being more excited about it than you.
  • When they find out because you didn’t tell them.
  • Depression is lying to everyone about how you’re really doing because you feel like a burden and they really don’t care anyway. (They do)
  • Depression is killing relationships because they are better off without you
  • Depression is moving through the world on autopilot
  • Depression is sitting at work/home and not being able to think straight or focus on a task regardless of how important
  • Depression is getting an invitation to an event you would have normally enjoyed and finding the idea of sitting on your couch alone in the dark more appealing
  • Depression is rationalizing suicide or “accidents” even if you believe you would never do it
  • Depression is wondering if your kids will remember you and how…
  • Depression is lying to yourself about your need for help…

I’m putting this down because people need to see these symptoms and recognize them in friends and family. People need to realize that mental health is just as important as physical health, if not more. People need to get their fiends help even if they don’t want it, they need it and that’s what being a friend is.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255 Text HELLO to 741741

I’m getting help - others you know may not be