Rambling of a Sweaty Toothed Madman

Within the last two weeks I’ve suffered some rather significant setbacks both personally and professionally. I’m still dealing with my new situations…


As I’m sure some of the people here know I am (to the best of my knowledge) still the Director of Managed Services at CMA, however the group has been split by management. I spent almost two years building a team and our management team split the group in two and gave the day to day operations and personnel management to someone else. The reason given is so that I would be freed to work on our customers and provide them with the support and planning they need.

I completely understand this from a business decision and need, however it really does feel like I’ve been “nicely” given a new position because it wasn’t working. The person that has the new responsibilities of managing my group is very skilled, detail oriented and will not fail. I honestly respect him very much and believe he and I will work together to build this to scale properly.

Logically, this is absolutely awesome and I can see where it will allow us to do more than I think we would have been able to do before. Emotionally, it feels like I’ve been shoved aside and I’ve lost my team. I’m not dealing with this part well…


An awesome friend of mine just lost their grandmother and over the years we have certainly learned to rely on one anther for the emotional sounding board, professional/career decisions (They are in IT also), general sanity check and the occasional beer.  Absolute awesome friend to have… Right as they are going through this I start going through my ordeal at work – Never a good thing. Because of everything that’s going on and family concerns they may be moving away. I really suck at long distance relationships (ask a few of my other friends that have moved away… ) and I honestly don’t want to lose this person that has honestly become a pillar of my sanity sometimes.

Another friend that I have/had and think of often – We used to be tight, however work and life has separated us. I even thought of hiring them, however the team was less than excited and I couldn’t. Unfortunately, it took me a awhile to put my finger on it. We haven’t talked since and I’m exceptionally sorry.


I’m normally not one to just bitch and fuss and need to have some sort of a plan of action, otherwise you aren’t going to fix anything you are just bitching. There really isn’t a lot here that can be “Fixed”. I can try to improve professionally which I’m actively developing a plan for. (Classes, Reading, etc.) I can reach out to my friends a little more and try not to get wrapped up in my day to day life that ends up excluding them.

We have a lifestyle that tends to exclude people and my SO and I don’t really have any friends that we go out or hang with. This is a separate but related problem that I’m uncertain how to fix…