Life & Goals

This blog really isn’t for anyone other than myself; however if people take an interest in my life and would like to read about it, please feel free. I consider this little corner of the internet mine and a little less public than Facebook posts or tweeting to the world. Not that it’s actually any more private but it requires a small amout of effort to get here. 

As everyone knows I just got back from my sister's wedding in Mexico. It was great being with my family and work being mostly inaccessible. It did allow me to refocus on a few things that are important to me. 
Family: We never get along but when it comes down to it we are there for one another. I'm a little slow to the table but they have always had my back even if they didn't understand what I was doing or why. I need to be there for them and my kids' cousins. 
Work: I've been put in a position of leadership for what will become the cornerstone of our company. At best I'm doing an mediocre job at it. There are various reasons but when it comes down to it, I'm not able to check the box that states we've completed a job well done. I'm self imposing a 90 turnaround deadline. I'm not a technician anymore I need to manage and lead my team to properly support our customers. I need to keep the goal in mind and not deviate.
My personal habits and health sucks. These are nothing but habits and routines to be fixed. With the exception of what is cooked at home I have control over everything else. **I need to fix it.** Nobody else can do it for me. As of today I weigh 207 and 21.9% body fat. Not horrible but it can be better, much better. Before the end of 2014 I will have completed a half marathon and will expect the body fat to be no more than 17.9%. 
If you are reading this you are either a close friend or some random internet citizen. Either way help me and hold me to these goals.