My Little Sister’s Wedding



My family and I just got back from Playa de Carmen, Mexico to be with my little sister for her wedding. She is now wed to Mr. Ivan Rodriguez-Mesa. We all had an amazing time and had a great time meeting the family from Panama.

I’m personally not convinced that marriage is right for everyone and am actually quite cynical regarding the subject. This extends especially to members of my family and you can imagine how I would feel where is would concern my sister. While I’ve usually not been the ideal brother, I’ve always loved and when I could assisted and been protective of her.

Ivan has been a great person to her, however I’ve had limited contact to get to know him. (Building trust takes awhile for me.) My father always used to tell us as kids that if you want to know someone look at their friends and who they hang out with. Well after getting to know Ivan’s family and his closest friends, I’m completely sold and I pray they have the opportunity to build a wonderful life of love and adventure together.

So with lots of love and hope – I wish you guys the best!