Working From Abroad (for a short time)

I have taken the opportunity while I’m here to work a bit, for good reason.

  • I am out of vacation time and need to make sure I don’t go too far negative, I don’t want to pay my employer. That would completely suck!
  • I wanted to see how difficult it would be to keep up while very far out of town.

Honestly as long as I have productive things to do and am not overwhelmed by family obligations I think it went rather well.

  • A lot of Spain and Paris is covered by Wi-Fi or it’s available in some fashion such as a hotel lobby, coffee shop, etc.
  • The cellular networks carry data so you can keep up with email when needed.
  • With a tablet with most of your applications available everything is easy to carry and use when needed.

I’m hoping to try this again soon – I have family I haven’t visited in over a year and just never seem to be able to get away. If I can take a few days and work from Ohio and do it again for a few days from Atlanta I think I may have a workable plan. Additionally I will be able to shoot some photography while I’m out and about to assist in the development of my portfolio.

The major issue I’ve seen is due to the time difference and that I will need to work on. A fair amount of my job is based on client needs and they like timely responses even if it’s the middle of the night where I am. While that wasn’t an issue on this trip I can certainly see where it could be and completely mess everything up.