Another Trip to Europe

It’s December 26th and I’ve spent another Christmas in Spain – oh poor me… To be honest I really can’t complain. We went to Paris ( then to Granada. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably continue, but I’m actually very fortunate to be able to have the hobbies I do and travel like I do. My issue is that I like “normal” and after spending a couple of weeks away from home I start to crave waking up in my bed and having my “normal” routine. That said I’m not opposed to a new “normal” if the opportunity presents itself.

It was a pleasure to see everyone and to have some interesting conversations about the economy with people that either see it daily or are affected by it. While nobody in the family has been affected to the point of losing their jobs they have seen it affect close friends that were in construction or other businesses that were. There are a lot more signs on houses for rent or for sale that I have never seen before additionally there are signs on small businesses stating they are closing or liquidating everything that I’ve also never seen before.

Anya Claire and her cousin Julia